We have a number of brands that we own or have distribution rights for.

Key brands we have are as follows:

Dr Oxygen

Dr Oxygen is a proven efficient portable OXYGEN generator, Convenient to use, needing no power or electricity. Fill up the chambers of the generator with water and add the activator followed by the Oxygen powder. Put on the mask or use the nasal tube. You will have more than 10 litres of 99.8% Oxygen available. Therapy sessions are quick and easy, only 10 to 15 minutes. More information here…


When using a mobile phone, there is a technical Extreme Low Frequency Electro Magnetic Field (ELF-EMF) surrounding it containing gradients. That means this electromagnetic field is diverging in its strength in different areas. Biozen offers real scientifically proven protection against the harmful effects of cell-phone and other transmitting devices. More informatioon this page.