Image Consultants

Colour, Style and Wardrobe Planning Consultations are designed to create confidence in communicating the total you.

Prior to a Colour & Wardrobe Consultation, ask yourself………….

Do you lack direction and confidence in purchasing your clothes?

Do you have clothes in your wardrobe that you never wore?

Buy an item “on sale” only to bring it home and find it was no bargain at all?

Lack the knowledge of which colour or style give you that natural, healthy looking appearance or good line and style?

Once you have been “Colour Coded” wearing the shades in your personal palette not only make you look better, but also make you feel better. The genes that determine your skin tone, hair colour and eye colour also determine what “colours” suit you best. The skin you have inherited will not change, it will darken with a tan, or it will fade as you age.

Our Colour groups are divided into the four seasons –

Winter, Summer, Autum, Spring. Winter and Summer are the cool seasons while Autumn and Spring are the warm seasons. The cool seasons have blue based undertones, while the warm seasons have Yellow based undertones. The winter (cool season) and autumn (warm season) colours have more intensity while the summer (cool) colours are muted and the spring (warm) colours are clear. You will look your best in your “right” colours – this makes shopping easier Because you know what to look for, leaving what colours do not suit you On the clothing racks. Colour will make your outer image change your self image – it will reveal the best in you.

The Figure Analysis consultation will bring your shape into a better balance showing off your body in a style and line in a more flattering way that is suitable to you.

After your Colour & Wardrobe or Figure Analysis Consultation:-

1. Remove all clothing that doesn’t fit you.

2. Remove any clothing not in your season.

3. Make a list of things you need.

4. If your hair is the wrong colour, correct it to the right colour.

Study your colours and get to know them, always shop with your swatches Buy only colours in your season – and begin building your wardrobe As you use your colour swatches your clothing will automatically begin to coordinate

Remember:- In your wrong colours you can look pale and plain, but in your “right” colours you will look alive and vibrant. Wrong colours will detract, while The right colours will bring out the best in you.

Then we can look at the Style of clothing that best fits your shape and then we can plan your wardrobe.

Begin a new chapter in your life, but most of all enjoy and have fun with your colour, style and new wardrobe – be an individual!