Joanne O’Brien Consultancy having evolved over of some 20+ years, my journey in Health, Wellbeing and Self-Development began after my son was born. At an early age he was diagnosed with hyperactivity, this became my catalyst to study more about this condition and more about natural health. I began training in a variety Modalities including Vitamins, Cell Salts, Nutritional Therapy, Raw Food Nutrition, Diet Management, Bach Flower Remedies, these all made a difference in his life.

I delved further into the world of natural Health and found lots of people struggling with Weight issues. Using what I had learnt and studied led me to start a Nutrition and Weight Loss Clinic. I purchased Transion-N, Slimming and Muscle Toning Aesthetic Equipment from Italy, and later adding the Diagnostic Health and Vitamin Scanner.

By this time I had trained as an Image Consultant, in Colour, Style Analysis and Wardrobe Planning having done Personal Grooming, Deportment and Modelling Courses. This meant I could really help those people wanting to make Weight /Image changes in their life. After helping their diet / weight issues I could teach them how to dress wearing their best colours and styles to suit their body shape, plus planning a basic capsule wardrobe using 15 items of clothing to give 45 different styles.

Energy Wellness Equipment based on the Rife Frequencies was the next Therapy I began to promote in my clinic.I began helping people with muscular and joint issues, conditions like Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue, including myself with  RSI in my elbow. Great results kept occurring with clients I went on to buy another two machines. Families can now be treated at the same time and I am also available for group bookings.

By this time my Nutrition and Weight Loss Clinic had grown into a complete Holistic Health Clinic incorporating Cerule Stem Cell Nutritional products as well. Then I came across Dr Oxygen, a Portable Oxygen Generator in 2015. When I first tried Dr Oxygen I noticed was that my sleep improved as I had previously been someone with a busy mind, and sometimes experiencing broken sleep from this. So impressed with the results I wondered if Oxygen could be the missing key to health issues – Oxygen is the basis for life. I found out the business was up for sale, brought it and began assisting people to improve their health, help prevent illnesses using this therapy which provides a variety of benefits allowing for good detoxification and helping to rid the body of waste products. Disease cannot live in active oxygen. As we age, there is often less oxygen being transported in the body, Vitamin C is not absorbed, plus there is a collagen breakdown. Oxygen Therapy slows down the ageing process by keeping our cells clean, so they only wear out very slowly. Oxygen is critical – your body and brain depend on this.

Joanne – getting the best for you!