Energy Wellness – Rife Therapy

Energy Wellness we believe that given the right conditions the body will heal and look after itself. In today’s commercial environment and busy lifestyles we are bombarded with toxins on a daily basis bringing about ill health for many of us today at an age when we should be enjoying an abundance of good health. Our body has become a battle ground for most of us, with an overworked and under nourished immune system battling the daily intake of toxins and parasites that love this toxic breading ground.

At Energy Wellness we focus on helping the immune system get rid of these dangerous toxins and parasites that are stored and active within our body. We then strengthen the immune system through frequency stimulation, supplementation and education. This allows the body to get back in control to be able to combat the diseases of today and allow us to lead an active and vibrant life.

Rife Technology – An Energy Wellness Instrument

It is a sophisticated and perfected form of Rife technology with 38 years of Rife research combined with the latest in computer and space aged features. Every virus,bacterium, parasite and other pathogen has a particular frequency it is sensitive to and by intensifying this frequency the pathogen literally explodes. The Energy Wellness Instrument is programmed with the precise frequencies for various conditions. The Energy Wellness Instrument also has frequencies for balancing the body’s energy systems resulting in increased vitality, more energy and improved overall wellness. Immune System With the Energy Wellness instrument dealing it to “the bad guys” it is just as important to strengthen up “the good guys” through boosting the body’s immune system.

The body requires a precise mix of 59 nutrients order to maintain a healthy strong body. Unfortunately in today fast moving world our nutritional requirements are far from being met in fact only a small percentage of us actually eat the recommended 5 servings of fruit and vegetables a day. At Energy Wellness we recommend the use of top grade nutritional supplements.

Royal Raymond Rife and Rife Frequency Treatment

A brief outline of Royal Raymond Rife, a scientist ahead of his time. Born in 1888:

In the 1930 ‘s Rife discovered that different frequencies killed different disease, bacteria, parasites and more. Rife had been able to determine the precise electrical frequency which destroyed individual micro organisms responsible for Cancer, Herpes, Tuberculosis and other illnesses. In 1920 he had begun researching a cure for cancer and by 1932 he had isolated the cancer virus. He opened a clinic and successfully treated 16 out of 16 cases within three months time.

“Rife survived 31 years of chronic alcoholism. He died under suspicious circumstances at age 83… while hospitalised for alcoholism and given valium. Every Doctor knows that valium arrests breathing in alcoholics. Whether or not Rife died of foul play, one thing is clear; any man who could survive 31 years of alcoholism and die only when administered a lethal dose of valium at age 83 was apparently using something that regularly restored his vitality. ” – (Taken from Energy Wellness Research Manual) Under Frequency and Life extension P26

Rife therapy is one of the very few therapies known to be free from side effects. Today we have very modern, state of the art equipment based on the “Rife” Frequencies. The “ Energy Wellness ” Equipment is the most sophisticated and perfected form of Rife Technology. Precise frequencies have been programmed in for a number of ailments and conditions, there are treatments available for Cancer, Asthma, Lungs, Allergies – Sinus, Eczema, Hayfever, Muscular and Joint pain, RSI, Arthritis, Gout, Headaches, Migranes, Chronic Fatigue (ME), Thrombosis, IBS, Epicondylitis and much much more.

NB:- Manufacturers of the Bio Frequency Rife Equipment advise patients/clients with pacemakers, pumps or pregnant women to avoid use of any electrical devices on their body.

Drinking plenty of purified water is required when using the Rife Equipment – to eliminate or flush out the toxins or can be referred to as drainage. Even when the client uses the detox frequency and exercises he/she must still drink approx 10 glasses of purified water daily. Exercise is beneficial but to remove the toxins you are better to remove them by dinking the water rather than sweating it out by jogging, running, exercising or similar. Drainage is vitally important when Bio Active freqencies are affecting millions of disease organisms in 1- 3 minutesToxins produce a lot of the actual symptoms of disease – so failure to remove them can prevent recovery.

“Remember there are no known bio-active frequencies to correct these conditions:

(1) Trauma or underlying nutritional deficiences which prevent genetic repair.

(2) Genetic damage induced by toxic chemicals, geopathic zones or other radiation.

So affecting cells and parasites may not eliminate all symptoms. For that, effective Therapy should always include a focus on healthy diet, exercise sunlight and detoxification. Also avoid geopathic radiation and toxic chemicals. ”
— (Taken from Energy Wellness Research Manual-Bio Active frequencies do not do everything! P43)

Bio active frequencies are safe to use, because each frequency affects only one type of organism and is harmless to anything with a different genetic code. Since every variety of Organism has a unique genetic code, every organism requires a different frequency, so it is important to use the frequencies or auto code listed for that problem. Work with only one problem per day until your receive positive results. It is important to start with detoxification auto code treatment then move into the condition you wish to treat. ” –Taken from the HRs manual – Choosing the Correct Frequency (P18)

“Each species of life has its own unique electronic signature. Every microorganism has its own specific molecular oscillation pattern. All Bio-Active frequency channels published in the manual are without any reported side effects from the users. That is not to say they were without effects” –Reported Side Effects of Bio-Active Frequencies (P20)

Each frequency is programmed in for three minutes and different treatments have a different run time e. g. a Detoxification treatment is 33 minutes long and has 11 different frequencies programmed in for this treatment while a Migrane headache treatment is a 15 minute treatment so therefore has five different frequencies.

*** DISCLAIMER:- This information is presented to you and should not be construed as medical advice, nor is it intended to lead anyone away from a qualified doctor. ***

Rife Machines are rapidly becoming the most popular new Wellness tool of the 21st century

Just like sound breaks glass, Rife frequencies kill:

  • Parasites
  • Bacteria
  • Viruses
  • And other pathogens

Energy Wellness “Rife” Therapy Testimonials 

Hi Jo, I along with my wife we saw you earlier in week for Rife treatment.  For several years I’ve  suffered from RSI, and Arthritis in my wrist. Often the discomfort is excruciating, to the extent  near tearful.  To relieve it I put on a magnetic bracelet mainly at night time.  Also my knee has been giving me grief when walking.

Since one treatment  there has been hardly any discomfort in my wrist. No magnetic needed, thanks for that, my knee also thanks you. Another bonus for over 50 odd years  I’ve suffered headaches  some minor to horrendous ones  lasting up to 4 – 5 days.  Copious amount of headache tablets did not always work.  I would hate to see inside of my stomach. Since the Rife treatment  only one slight headache (today)  best of all no tablets. So the Rife Frequency Treatment has worked wonders for me.

My wife came with me too, you gave her treatment for mental clarity she noticed an improvement  before we left your clinic. The Bach Remedy drops were also given, which is assisting. Thanks. Last but not least, prior to Christmas 2016, my daughter  came to you for issues, again after Rife & Bach Remedy drops you made up, the change in her was nothing short of amazing.  I was getting concerned for her. Thanks.

We have seen you at different Wellness shows, finally decided to give our bodies a health treatment.  We sincerely wish we had  seen you earlier for Rife Therpay etc. Interested in your other services you offer. Jo you are a genuine caring person nothing is too much trouble.  Even going out of your way to help clients that unable to come to you, you will go      to them within a reasonable distance in Auckland.  Here’s to better health thanks again Bill.


I have used my Rife frequency equipment for my I get RSI /Tennis Elbow and I get wonderful relief from it – before the treatment is finished my elbow has stopped aching.  My Dad passed away 7 years ago from lung cancer and a secondary in the form of a brain tumour, I gave him treatments every other day – he never had a headache from his brain tumour and he passed away peacefully at home with no pain.Joanne O’Brien 09 8333 966.


I have had a lifetime of acute respiratory disease and 28 months ago I was diagnosed with COPD. After my first treatment on Jo’s “Rife” Energy Wellness frequency equipment I was Able to walk up the hill without stopping for a breath. After my second treatment I was capable of walking further distances. After the third treatment I no longer had the burning pain on inhalation and I also have an improvement in my posture and I can hold a conversation without huffing and puffing.  My lung capacity and function has really improved and I would not hesitate to recommend this form of treatment to anyone.  Vicky 09 813 2612 or Mob 027 208 2539.


My name is Betty Davis, I am 86 years young. Recently I fell and cut and hurt the side of my face.  Joanne gave me a treatment on the Rife Energy Wellness Machine – I am very pleased to say I had no bruising on my face at all and my face was healed within the week as when you get older your skin thins and you do bruise easily taking longer to heal.

I would recommend you see Joanne for any treatment you may need using this method as it is fantastic.  Also Jo’s range Naturally 4 U is great especially the Colloidal Silver (a natural antibiotic) which I use daily and see the benefits. Please contact me for any further information about my treatment. Also my daughter had a treatment for a Migrane headache this also brought her relief.  Betty 09 838 8458.


I have now been having these treatments through Joanne O’Brien for several months.  In particular the lung treatment is very beneficial for me, having COPD (lung disorder) and after a 45 minute treatment, feel so much benefit in my lungs.  I have also had the joint treatment and notice a difference in my knees and legs generally. I have no hesitation in recommending these treatments to anyone considering having them. Lorraine Pateman, Mt Albert.  Ph 09 8465754.


I fell and hit the corner of my head on the washing machine in the laundry, I had instant swelling, went and had a treatment for the swelling on the Rife equipment the swelling Went down instantly, then the next day had a treatment for the bruising – this accelerated the healing and the bruising went from black to a pale yellow the next day. I have also done a detox and various other treatments – all of which work very well and the results are fantastic. Carol Matiu Ph 021 1683090 or 09 832 3435.


I have had a detox treatment on the Rife Equipment and it has provided an amazing result – I would recommend this treatment to anyone wanting to detox in a subtle way.  I also have a bad back with really bad sciatica and the treatment for sciatica has also provided relief for me.  Brian.


My husband Matt had a Rife treatment from Jo for his Gout in 2005 and to this day his gout has never returned.  Lynn (Hairdresser) 09 8325672.


I have suffered Chronic Fatique Syndrome / ME for 16 years, having tried almost every type of treatment available to me, left me disappointed, until I tried the Energy Wellness “Rife” instrument. I immediately noticed a feeling of wellbeing, bringing back energy levels and feelings I haven’t felt for years. I would come away feeling recharged as if it was putting energy into my body. This is the most exciting breakthrough in my treatment and I am extremely grateful and thankful for  this machine and would recommend it to anyone who suffers the same or similar ailments as myself. Benefits:- increased energy, clearer thinking, restorative sleep, better quality of life Thanks a lot Nina.


My daughters warts changed colour the first time after doing a treatment on the Rife machine. We are in the process of ongoing treatments and are seeing results. Karen Workman (Mum) 021 2839709.


I had a very sore back from lifting some heavy tables and after suffering for about 4 day I went to Jo for a Rife treatment immediately after I had the muscular treatment it had improved remarkably and continued to improve through the course of the day and was almost back to normal by the end of the day – what a great healing tool – I would recommend this treatment to anyone suffering a sore back.   Jill Potter 09 445 3846.


Thanks for the treatment today, and happy to say that again I have increased movement in my shoulder. This is quite noticeable virtually straight away. This also helps my rest, as I sleep on the same side.  Regards, Barry. Email:- Greenlane Hospital.


I felt really good after the treatment, most of the soreness has gone, just a slight ache at the moments so I will follow up with another treatment. Thanks Leonie,


I have suffered from fibromyalgia/chronic fatigue syndrome for three years now.  The muscle, joint pain and headaches I have experienced was debilitating. I woke every night with body pain and never felt refreshed.  I have two demanding children to look after and didn’t know how I was going to continue. My brother told me about the Rife Therapy, so I thought I’ll try anything. I was desperate to get some relief.  I am currently undergoing Rife treatment on a weekly basis and have been doing this for the 10 months.  There has been a huge improvement in my wellbeing.  I very rarely get pain and I now get a good nights sleep, have more energy and I can cope now, I am just getting better and better, the results are amazing.    Cheryl, Glen Eden